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Just-picked basil from the garden, some tomatoes and fresh mozzerella, layered on roasted garlic ciabatta bread.  This photography thing is getting to be a bit of an obsession as I find myself stopping at the market to pick up the cheese and tomatoes along with grapes to add additional color, then styling my dinner and shooting several shots before I sit down to enjoy the meal.  If you’re interested in shooting food images check out Stephen Hamilton’s Blog – The Restaurant Project.   He uses his cellphone to take a quick shot of a meal in a restaurant, then he comes back to his kitchen and studio to create a similar dish which he sets up to shoot creatively.


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Back In Time

Lesson learned from this shot – get out of the car, walk around, keep your eyes open.   We stopped at a farm stand and I wanted to walk down the road a short way to get a better angle on an image I wanted to capture.  As we passed this driveway I saw the old auto and the garage covered with old advertising signs.  I wished for the owner to come outside so I could talk to them and perhaps get some more information and closer shots.  Perhaps next time…

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Marine decay offers up such nice textures along with colors and patinas in the peeling paint and aged metals.

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Have a Nice Day!

This happy-face kite has to you smile, just in case you’re not already having enough fun just flying a kite on a delightful, breezy warm day.

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Precision Flying

The Blue Angels made an appearance with some precision flying too!

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Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

The local Maritime Museum was holding it’s annual Kite Festival on the waterfront today.  The lawn was full of children and children-at-heart flying a wide variety of kites, including several that the children had made themselves at the kite-making station.  This dragon kite was one of the fanciest and most colorful.

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Round and Round…

I was drawn to the lines and geometric shapes of the hoops hanging on the barn door.  The neutral processing just seemed right to keep the focus on the shapes.

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