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We caught this classic car as we were leaving just as the sun was going down.  I think it’s got a great Summer at the Beach feeling to it – carefree good old days…


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This is the second of two shots that I submitted for the competition.  I like the anticipation with a bit of apprehension in his pose as he contemplates catching a wave in his bucket.

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This is one of two that I submitted to the competition.  I ran across a group of kids kicking the soccer ball around and I grabbed this quick shot.  I love how the light hits his shin and underscores the ball and foot, and a stylist couldn’t have selected a better soccer ball or shoe color!  I’m still a bit annoyed with myself though – I was too shy to ask them to show off a bit for me so I could grab several shots.  Next time I’ll muster up the nerve…

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One of a few more shots from the Photowalk – this one taken from the boardwalk late in the day.

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Fire Island (in the distance) is a barrier island that helps protect Long Island from the ravages of the ocean beyond.  The Great South Bay seen here is the body of water between.

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A contrast of vibrant green ivy juxtaposed against the dried brown dead ivy climbing the post atop the underpass leading from the parking field to the beach.

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“X” marks the spot….

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