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There is something visually pleasing about this massive wheel on an old steam engine.  I like the solidity of the steel and the symmetry of the spokes.


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OK, let’s have a show of hands – how many of you remember playing with Lego Building Blocks when you were young?  (and how many will admit to still doing so now?)  I used to join in with my brother building with a basic set years ago.  When my nephew (then 17) visited me a few years ago I learned that Lego has really become a lot more advance with all of their themed sets.  Last Christmas I had the chance to try my hand at one of those new Lego sets with my young niece and all of the little parts and pieces were a bit overwhelming.  I can see how you’d spend hours trying to make those parts look like the pieces on the box.

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It doesn’t get much more rusted than this old hinge.  This isn’t the first time I’ve photographed this nice old rusty hinge – I first discovered it in 2005 and I knew I had to try and visit the hinge again to grab a shot for this theme.

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I’m sure if someone really wanted to get in they would find a way (they always do) but this looked pretty secure for keeping out the casual intruder or curiosity seeker.

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Mmmmm – fresh crabmeat, direct from the sea.  You might think this seagull was getting ready to have a nice supper, but sadly for him, he lost this crab to another seagull after he got it to the shore.

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Many of the local businesses sponsered drawings in the street festival.  I liked this colorful drawing and thought it was a fun and different way for the business to advertise.

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Today in America we take time to remember those who fought for our freedom, those who sacrificed and the fallen soldiers that have secured our liberty throughout our history.

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