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Something a little different for today.  I don’t drag my good camera (the Canon 30D) around with me to work but I decided to try and carry the smaller S5 so I have something with me if I see a shot I need to grab.  Good thing I did – driving through town today I spotted these polka dot bags in the window of a candy store.  I doubled back to park and grab this shot with the sun streaming in.


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I was rushing through the grocery store on Sunday to pick up a few thing when I spotted this asparagus.  My first thought was “that would make a great photo” followed by my thought that I could use it for dinner tonight.  My priorites are straight…  I decided to replace the blue rubber bands with some raffia straw “ribbon” and I tried a few different set ups.  This was my favorite for the Closely Cropped theme – cropped in the camera.  The two shots below were some “also ran’s” that I considered for another theme but the close up won out for today.




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A good lesson in snapping whatever strikes you even if you don’t think it will be an interesting picture.  I was searching the back yard (again) for a shot to take today.   Dreary, gray and rainy… not too inspiring, but I saw this view and thought “Shades of Gray”.  I hesitated to snap this one – aiming high to avoid the houses and fences in the background I thought that the trees would look too chopped off.   I only took this one shot but when I loaded it into my computer it was my favorite for the day.  Just playing around, I tried my PH_Fog_Killer preset (below) to see what would happen and wow, it really did eliminate the fog, though I think I prefer the foggy version for it’s hazy gray mood that captured the day better. (best viewed when enlarged too, so the detail comes out)


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I like the layering of the three different fences – the neglected remains of the picket fence, the wire fence and the stockade fence in the background.  This fence is about 4 feet onto our neighbor’s yard and at some point in the future we’ll probably hide it with some shrubs, but for now, I sort of like it’s charm from days gone by.  I decided to play with some processing to play up the aged look in the version below.


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Insert sad face here… my favorite lens seem to be broken.  The zoom function was catchy then just siezed up. It took a bit of a hard knock a few weeks ago but seemed to be fine, then today tried to take a shot and that’s when I noticed the problem.  Fortunately, I live about 20 minutes away from the Tamron headquarters so Monday morning the patient will be dropped off at their service center.  Let’s all hope it’s something covered under warranty that will be quickly repaired.  In the meantime, I was scanning the list looking for a theme to tackle when I noticed #36 – Broken.  So I figured why not make lemonade from the lemons and use the lens as another lightbox subject to try my hand at a product shot this time.

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Fruit in a bowl – it doesn’t get more classic than that when it comes to a still life.  I only had one apple in the house so I had to keep it pretty simple but I’m happy with the results.  I need to improve my lighting with my lightbox – try some different bulbs, get some small standing lamps, and invest in some better clamp-on lamps.  The cheap clamps from the Home Depot don’t hold their angle – they droop too much making it hard to manage the light.

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My story behind this photo is nowhere near as entertaining or interesting as the stories Ron (Danundin) entertains us with.  I worked all day then dashed to pick up my husband at the airport, arriving home around 8:30 having still not taken a picture.  Inspired by Rob’s studies in technique with some of the elegant simplicity I decided to grab a few eggs and throw them on a black backdrop in my lightbox, and play for a few minutes with lenses and lighting.  This was my favorite from about 15 shots.

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