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Something a little different for today.  I don’t drag my good camera (the Canon 30D) around with me to work but I decided to try and carry the smaller S5 so I have something with me if I see a shot I need to grab.  Good thing I did – driving through town today I spotted these polka dot bags in the window of a candy store.  I doubled back to park and grab this shot with the sun streaming in.

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I was rushing through the grocery store on Sunday to pick up a few thing when I spotted this asparagus.  My first thought was “that would make a great photo” followed by my thought that I could use it for dinner tonight.  My priorites are straight…  I decided to replace the blue rubber bands with some raffia straw “ribbon” and I tried a few different set ups.  This was my favorite for the Closely Cropped theme – cropped in the camera.  The two shots below were some “also ran’s” that I considered for another theme but the close up won out for today.




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A good lesson in snapping whatever strikes you even if you don’t think it will be an interesting picture.  I was searching the back yard (again) for a shot to take today.   Dreary, gray and rainy… not too inspiring, but I saw this view and thought “Shades of Gray”.  I hesitated to snap this one – aiming high to avoid the houses and fences in the background I thought that the trees would look too chopped off.   I only took this one shot but when I loaded it into my computer it was my favorite for the day.  Just playing around, I tried my PH_Fog_Killer preset (below) to see what would happen and wow, it really did eliminate the fog, though I think I prefer the foggy version for it’s hazy gray mood that captured the day better. (best viewed when enlarged too, so the detail comes out)


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I like the layering of the three different fences – the neglected remains of the picket fence, the wire fence and the stockade fence in the background.  This fence is about 4 feet onto our neighbor’s yard and at some point in the future we’ll probably hide it with some shrubs, but for now, I sort of like it’s charm from days gone by.  I decided to play with some processing to play up the aged look in the version below.


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Insert sad face here… my favorite lens seem to be broken.  The zoom function was catchy then just siezed up. It took a bit of a hard knock a few weeks ago but seemed to be fine, then today tried to take a shot and that’s when I noticed the problem.  Fortunately, I live about 20 minutes away from the Tamron headquarters so Monday morning the patient will be dropped off at their service center.  Let’s all hope it’s something covered under warranty that will be quickly repaired.  In the meantime, I was scanning the list looking for a theme to tackle when I noticed #36 – Broken.  So I figured why not make lemonade from the lemons and use the lens as another lightbox subject to try my hand at a product shot this time.

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Fruit in a bowl – it doesn’t get more classic than that when it comes to a still life.  I only had one apple in the house so I had to keep it pretty simple but I’m happy with the results.  I need to improve my lighting with my lightbox – try some different bulbs, get some small standing lamps, and invest in some better clamp-on lamps.  The cheap clamps from the Home Depot don’t hold their angle – they droop too much making it hard to manage the light.

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My story behind this photo is nowhere near as entertaining or interesting as the stories Ron (Danundin) entertains us with.  I worked all day then dashed to pick up my husband at the airport, arriving home around 8:30 having still not taken a picture.  Inspired by Rob’s studies in technique with some of the elegant simplicity I decided to grab a few eggs and throw them on a black backdrop in my lightbox, and play for a few minutes with lenses and lighting.  This was my favorite from about 15 shots.

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I was traipsing down the stairs when I spotted this rainbow-bordered sunspot on the floor.  Eureka!  A rainbow for today’s photo!  Since I may wait all year long and not ever spot a true rainbow outside I decided to make the most of this opportunity and snag this rainbow for today’s photo.  Thank goodness the floor was clean!

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I don’t think you could get away with calling this Quaint, but it sure works for Quirky!  These belonged to my Grandmother – no, not the same one that had the little ceramic piece in the Heirloom post, these belonged to my Grandma on the other side of the family.  And Ron, they are little glass roosters in the globes on the stem, not wild turkeys, but next time you’re in New York we can fill them with Wild Turkey and raise a toast.

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I guess the one benefit of having to get up before dawn to drive someone to the airport is the opportunity to dash off to the beach on the way back just as the sun was coming over the horizon.  I didn’t get there quite in time to catch the first rays of light, and these seagulls aren’t as majestic as the bald eagles others have been lucky enough to photograph, but with just a touch of boost to the saturation it did end up being a rather peaceful and pleasing shot.

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You might think this is a charming country church.  It’s actually a small scale replica of the Dutch Reform Church built in town in 1867,  big enough to walk into, but I don’t think you could fit more than 15 or 20 people in there comfortably.

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I think I know who did it… undoubtedly one of the neighborhood squirrels or racoons that dug it out of the neighbor’s trash (their youngest just turned 7) only to deposit it in our backyard after licking off the icing remnants.   Funny thing is, it’s been there for awhile and I’ve photographed it on at least two other days, but this is the first time it was the winning shot that gets posted.  I guess I can go pick it up and put it in the trash now!

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I don’t have pierced ears and I rarely wear earrings, but I have a lot of earrings.  I had a jewelry design business several years ago, designing and creating jewelry to sell to a variety of retailers.  I’ve kept a lot of the pieces from my collection.  I’m rather fond of this design, not for it’s visual impact but for what it represents – a pinnacle in my career.  This design (in matte gold, matte black and matte silver) was selected for use in a spring runway fashion show by Geoffrey Beene.  I can tell you it was a thrill to join my sales rep and a couple of other designers in the limosine they’d hired to take us to the show where we were able to sit in the audience to watch the models walk the runway (wearing my earrings!) during New York’s fashion week.

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This is my solution for overcoming the weeds, reducing yardwork and having a perpetually green lawn – we’re carpeting the yard!    Not the most visually exciting shot, but when I saw our new bedroom carpet rolled out on the lawn so they could make a few cuts I couldn’t resist grabbing the camera to snap a shot.  The sunlight really washes out the color, it’s really an olivey green, and when I saw it I thought it was a perfect answer  to this theme.

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I always look forward to St. Patrick’s Day – when else can a girl get away with wearing her Green Rhinestone Shamrock Tiara to work?

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I was TAGGED by Ron (Danudin) in this game of tag.  Since he gave permission to alter the rules a bit, I did.  My sixth folder was just some stored scans of documents, and I have some “holding” folders up top that are temporary print files.  So I’m posting two photos.  The first is from the 6th photo/folder in the holding group, and the second is the 6th photo/folder if you count from the real, dated, photo folders.

This is a shot from the base of the 9/11 Memorial Lights taken last year.  It may be the last year these are lit due to lack of funding.  They have also been moved a bit south of Ground Zero as the rebuilding continues to slowly progress.


And this is a shot of the leaves in my front yard – Fall, 2004, taken with my old Canon IS S1 – the camera that really got me loving this digital photo world and enticed me into taking the jump to my SLR.


 and here are the rules:

  • Go to your photo folder on your computer
  • Go to the 6th folder of photos
  • Go to the sixty picture
  • Put the picture on your blog and a description of it
  • Invite six friends to join the challenge
  • Link them in your blog

The following people have been tagged by me – I hope they elect to join in! 

Janet & Dave
Cathy (Witchy)

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I altered this theme just a little – we’re almost done with the renovations so no relaxation yet, but soon.  You saw the shower with the beer shelf in the Accessories shot.  This is my soaking tub.  I suppose I should have filled this tub with bubbles and filled the wine glasses too, to really capture the theme.  Perhaps a follow up shot to come….

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Spring is trying to break through but after yesterday’s warm sun, today we had a grey and somewhat dreary day.  But one hearty soul was out on the water just as dusk was coming on.  This solitary boat looked rather lonely out there on this grey evening.

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This theme had me crawling around trying to get as close to the ground as possible.  I checked out the emerging daffodils and discarded that possibility as they just didn’t look too interesting, then my eye fell on this patch of mossy spores in the sunlight.  I like the fantasy feeling this gives me – I think if I look for a few more minutes I might see some fairies or pixies playing in the distance.  (And I’m sure Ron is convinced that the crawling around on the ground and visions of pixies means I’ve been hitting the Wild Turkey again – not true!)

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This portion of an old pallet (part of the construction debris) wasn’t too interesting until I started viewing portions of it thru the lens, and I focused on the two holes (for today’s theme) and the negative space created by the opening between the boards.  Playing with some pre-sets I decided I liked how this one (PH_Fog_Killer) increased the texture and made the black space more prominant, playing up the holes and open space.  I’m especially fond of the small cross beam that breaks through the black vertical space – something about the way it introduces a horizontal line to further separate the two holes is appealing to me.

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