After taking a break in 2012 I’ve decided to jump into photoblogging again in 2013.  Join me at my new blog Capturing Concepts to follow my journey.

Abstract (55/365)

This is the image I chose to enter into the photowalk challenge.  I love the graphic abstract image created by the various shapes – wire chairs and their reflections, round cafe tables, spikey pigeon wires and the wet speckeled pavement.  These were the colors as the camera saw them, no processing other than a bit of cloning to get rid of a few small distractions and adjusting some light levels and sharpening.

Shiny (54/365)

This is one of my favorites, looking down on a cafe table that was slightly protected from the rain.  The more I look at it the more I’m drawn to the pop of bold color in the corner.  In retrospect, I wish I’d chosen this as my entry into the contest because the inclusion of the people gives it more emotion that the “empty” shots.  I’m using it for the “shiny” theme because the shine of the water on the pavement was the other really strong element that keeps drawing my eye back creating a tension between the water reflecting the grey sky and the bold colors.


Another view from the photowalk which meanders over and under several structures.  Lots of shades of grey and black, with just a hint of bluish green from the glass in the background.  (I had to throw in a bit of color for Ron)

Overcast (52/365)

The overcast day lent itself well to stark minimal images though it was the atomic antennae that captured my attention when I composed this shot.

Fire escapes and grafitti are two visual elements that immediately place a location as “in the city” for me.

Chimneys (50/365)