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Games (31/365)

A polo mallet and ball – now all we need is the horse!



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Footwear (30/365)

A clear sign of warm summer weather – a little girl’s shoes abandoned in the grass.

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Two (29/365)

Two butterflies – soon to be three?  We stopped by the butterfly garden recently and a few of them were enjoying a bit of afternoon delight.

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Summer farm stands are starting to fill with a variety of fresh vegetables.  I thought the bright orange root vegetables in the background were a type of radish, but I found out they’re actually Orange Beets.

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Sports (27/365)

The Mid-Atlantic League of the Vintage Baseball Association plays their games using the 1864 rules.  They’re playing a few games in our town this summer so I stopped by to check it out.  The game hadn’t started yet, but these vintage bats caught my eye.

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