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Not exactly an intersection in the traditional sense, but it reminded me of a traffic report I heard while visiting Atlanta – they referred to a section of highway as the “Spaghetti Intersection” and it looked pretty much like this.  Just for Danudin, I think I’ll call this one the “Intersection of (Holly)Wood and Vine”.

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The garage next door may be barely standing, but hidden behind the weeds and vines it’s got some old-time charm (if you crop out the plastic tarp on the roof that’s keeping the rain out!)  Fortunately, it’s got some rather nice windows with some even nicer colors and reflections for today’s theme.

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 I guess I could have put this under the “Breakfast” theme too… these feathers were all that was left of some poor bird that fell victim to a hungry hawk that flew off a few moments before I took this shot.

And just because I promised Danudin I’d try to post some more girly-girl shots here’s a pretty shot of the first crocus popping up in the garden.   I didn’t notice until I’d posted them together, but there is a similarity in the composition with the focal point in the lower right, and somewhat “V” shaped in both instances. 


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It’s a sure sign of warmer weather on the way when we start finding the neighbor’s baseballs in the backyard.  Despite the 30º F. weather here, it seems like it’s time to “Play Ball!”

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These tools have been floating around the floor for a few weeks now, and I think they are starting to feel a bit unloved and neglected.  They had spackling compound on them for awhile, and while some has been scrapped off I think they could use a bit of TLC.  Clustered together like this on the floor they caught my eye because of the variety of shapes, angles and colors.  Despite their neglect, they get their 15 minutes of fame in today’s post.

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I confess… I like tools.  Not just “tools are OK” but “I really, really like tools”.  I can easily spend an hour or more wandering up and down the aisles at hardware store.  I spent 45 minutes picking out a 4-foot level just so I could hang my curtain rods.  It’s a really pretty blue and it feels good in your hand – every girl should have one.  I’m fascinated by specialty tools that do precision work, or just make a process easier.  I’m convinced that if you just had the right combination of tools in your arsenal everything in your life would work properly (I’m still searching for that right combination).  This tool has been visiting us and I’m drawn to it every time I walk upstairs with my camera.  I like the angled lines on the worktable, and the little pan of water and the bright orange color, but most of all I think I like the name… Tile Master – it just seems to convey power upon the user – if you own this tool you will be “The Tile Master!”

Edited to answer Ellen’s question – I think I have figured out the perfect combination – just 3 things.  All I really need is a plate of cookies, a checkbook, and my contractor Joey.  He comes with his own tools, he tells me he can do anything, and it’s so much easier!

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My Grandma had some strange things around the house when I was young .  This little lemon juicer is one of those items and I’m happy that it has been passed on to me.  Precious not because of it’s value, but because of the memories.  I was trying to determine how to photograph it so it became more than a snapshot of an object in the middle of the frame.  It was sitting on the kitchen counter and I was trying different angles when I realized the TV in the background was casting different shades of reflective light on the counter.  I positioned it slightly off-center and watched for the blue shades to come up, to pick up the blue in the peak of the fluted head.  A little bit of processing on the exposure in LR brought out the colors in the background perfectly.

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The yard continues to offer up some interesting shots – a good thing because time doesn’t always permit heading out on a photo expedition.  I found this spiral for today’s theme hanging out among the vines and weeds on the fence.   I’m relying on tight focus and bokeh to help me find interest in the little details around me until spring comes and the landscape starts changing.

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The Rule of Thirds is one of my favorite photo “tips”.  My husband taught me this one and I think it’s helped with the composition of my shots.  But there are those times when it’s OK to break the rule, and in this case, I think the photo works without it – the nail dead-center, and the strong diagonal line running almost corner to corner are contrary to the rule but somehow it works.  I like the color contrast between the upper and lower portions of the photo and the way the nail is silhouetted against the sky, making this decaying wood and old nail seem significant in some way.

Edited to add these older photos for Ron… what you’re looking at above, is a close up of the decaying peak of this old bird feeder that sits along the property line – in the shot above I was standing directly in front of the birdfeeder, shooting up and to the right a bit.  Shows how a different perspective can really change the shot!




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That old childhood chant worked!  The rains from Wednesday were gone this morning, leaving behind sunshine glistening through water droplets on the branches of the red maple outside my kitchen window.  Only one thing to do – grab the camera and rush out to take a few shots before heading off to work.

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This is one time “bringing your work home with you” isn’t so bad.  That’s one of the perks of working for a commercial bread manufacturer – I get to bring home fresh-baked breads!  This Sesame Semolina Bread is going to taste great with the steak and salad that are going on tonight’s dinner table.

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I ran across this old photo of Danudin – must have been from our college days…  I don’t remember the when or where – guessing he doesn’t either!

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A dollar and a dream…  broken dreams so far, but I continue to drop a few dollars each week in hopes of hitting the big one someday.  Actually, I have this sense that I WILL win one day – just not sure when, so I have to keep myself in the game.  I tend to be fairly lucky so I have faith in this dream.

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Today’s shot used a bit of assistance from the natural sunlight in the late afternoon, streaming across the yard to backlight this dried hydrangea bloom.  Below, a bonus shot taken Saturday – another example of natural sunlight backlighting the seashell that was nestled in the sand and seaweed.


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What am I going to do for subject matter once the construction is done?  These little “X’s” for spacing the tiles caught my eye for the Multiples theme.  I thought they were even more interesting once I’d applied a preset (PH_Naturally_BW) which darkened the edges bringing the focus to the subject.

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We took a drive out to the North Fork of Long Island and after a late lunch, we headed to a beach on the Great Peconic Bay where I found these snow fences along the beach, staunchly protecting against the winter erosion

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Satan made me do it Ron!  You had to chastise me on the Baked Goods post when I put up the picture of chocolate chip cookies, declaring this a calorie concious challenge.  I tried to resist this photographing (and posting) this Tempura Banana Chocolate Sundae but temptation got the best of me.  Yes, it was as delicious as it looks!

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How perfect that this bright red balloon was trapped beneath the branches with the ivy and peeling paint providing a great background – just so I could fulfill the “Red” theme!

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I spotted this “Circle” upstairs a few days ago and decided tonight to see how many circles I could find upstairs among the construction flotsam and jetsam.  Once I started looking around I found at least a dozen – some more interesting than others but at least a few that yielded photos that deserved a second look.  Always a good photo exercise when one is at a loss – to select a single theme and seek out multiple examples.

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… I couldn’t resist another shot to go with yesterday’s photo.  Why?  Because today I found another lost and forlorn item abandoned among the tools… this time the cell phone, left behind on the workbench.


I played a bit with Solarizing just to see the variation too.  The colors are a bit strong for my taste, but I did like the way the black cell phone popped out from the colors – seemed to isolate the phone nicely.


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