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Someone had occupied their time at the beach by lining up several rocks on a large weatherbeaten log on the shore.  Only one thing to do in a case like this – compose the shot and press the shutter!


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Put a boy, a beach, and a supply of flat rocks together, and it’s not long before he’ll be skipping stones on the water!  I’m glad it kept my husband occupied while I was taking photos.  Ron – I think you’ll like the shirt – it says “Old Guys Rule!”

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The splash of the waves as they hit a partially submerged rocks makes a beautiful, glistening spray that sparkles in the sunlight, but don’t let it fool you – the power of the ocean can be deadly too.

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The tidepools made a good foreground for this shot.  Using a compositional technique I’d read about recently, I got down low and included a prominant object in the close foreground  to create a more dramatic landscape.  I had to shoot several shots to catch this perfect curling wave but it was worth the effort.  I’ll be exploring this landscape technique a lot more – I like the results!

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This photo was taken just 10 minutes after yesterday’s post – a pretty quick change in the weather as these clouds moved in.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying around your neck of the woods too – if you don’t like the weather, stick around a few minutes, it will change!

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The Montauk Point Lighthouse sits at the far eastern end of the south fork of Long Island.  It’s the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States.  It’s construction was authorized by the Second United States Congress under President George Washington in 1792 and construction began in 1796.

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After leaving Camp Hero we headed to the Montauk Point Lighthouse (photos of that to follow soon – be patient!) just down the road a short way.  My husband has found that the best way to deal with my photography passion is to just lay back and relax.  His job keeps him pretty busy these days too, so he will happily take advantage of any opportunity to grab a few minutes to snooze.  He called these rocks his natural granite lounge chair.

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