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Happy Halloween!!!



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A Fall Festival in October wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin carving competition!  I thought this entry was particularly creative in it’s approach with it’s silver paint and metallic glitter.

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OK – it’s a bit of a stretch for the theme in that it’s not really for cutting or use at the standard table, but if you’re eating family style in a big group that long reaching fork and long handled spatula might just come in handing for snagging yourself a choice bit of food before it’s all gone.


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Many of the competitors were proudly showing off their awards from past competitions.  A closer look showed a bit of humor – pigs, cows and grills graced the top of some of the trophies.


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The annual BBQ competition was held at the park in town this past weekend, drawing competitors from near and far.  They set up their tents, outdoor kitchen, and BBQ smokers of every description.  Charcoal was an essential ingredient for this favorite form of outdoor cooking.

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I know that Ron has been curious and fearful of the WoW Systers and their power.  So just for you Ron, here’s a little glimpse into the recent convention.  Of course there are no pictures of any of your friends here – wouldn’t want any incriminating evidence in print!



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This Bumblebee was hard at work doing his daily chores – pollinating the flowers so we can enjoy these beautiful flowers every year.

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