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Teddy and I share a birthday – we are both 52 today!  He got a new silk bow to celebrate our birthday.  Teddy was a gift to me from my godparents when I was first born and as you can see, he’s experienced a lot of love over the years.  We’ve been companions through thick and thin. There was no question what photo I’d be posting for this theme.


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It doesn’t get any grungier than this fella.  He had crawled out of the mucky, swampy area on one side of the path and seemed to be headed towards the cool pond not far from the nesting goose.  Hopefully he was just headed for a dip and not thinking he was going to get some eggs for dinner.

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During our walk at the arboretum we headed towards the pond in search of some good shots for this theme.  We happened upon this nesting goose just perched along the shoreline overlooking the water.  Her protective mate was just beyond, hissing and showing his teeth so we didn’t stick around too long.  I wished I could have had a peek at the eggs she was sitting upon.  I was curious about how many eggs were in the nest.

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The ducks at the arboretum were enjoying an afternoon snack in the pond, and the bright orange feet caught my eye because they were such a bold contrast to the dark water and black and white feathers of this duck derriere.

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These are Bald Cypress roots, or Knees as they are sometimes called.  The roots protrude from the ground around the tree.  We visited the nearby Arboretum today and this was the first time I’d seen these.  The looked like petrified gophers to me, or some sort of magical and mystical creatures that had been frozen in time by an evil being.

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I have a feeling I’ll be posting more than one “Reflections” picture during the course of this challenge.  It’s a theme I like capturing when I have the opportunity.  More often than not it’s a water shot, so I like that this one was a little different, capturing the reflection of the tile table in a glass of red wine.

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A selection of cooking tools you won’t find in most modern kitchens.  A honey spoon or dipper in the front – these wooden utensils capture honey in the grooves to drizzle over a steaming hot biscuit.  The center is an old pastry wheel that DH’s grandmother gave me.  It’s used for cutting pie crusts and it had been on long-term loan to her younger sister but when her sister stopped baking (at 88), Granny insisted on having it back so she could give it to me.  The utensil in the back is a lemon zester used for scrapping lemon zests for adding flavor to your meals.

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