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Everywhere you look – snow, ice, the frozen tundra, and more to come… this crevasse split one of several large chunks of ice piled against the docks at a local beach. 


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Circular (3/365)

The concentric circles create a sense of motion for me, as if the crank was caught in motion.

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A highlight of the trip to Texas was gathering Pecans with a friend’s young daughter.  She taught me how to tell a good Pecan from a bad Pecan, and showed be how the seed pods burst open to reveal the nutshell.  A gentle bit of pressure from the heel of your shoe would crack the nutshell to yield the delicious and slightly sweet Pecan.  I’m not a big fan of most nuts, but these were delicious!

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Lunchtime (1/365)

Better late than never – I’m finally getting a chance to start on my 2011 photo challenge.  The beginning of the year has been a challenge itself.  Heavy snow in the northeast right after Christmas had us trapped out of town for 5 days.  Thankfully, our flight was cancelled shortly before takeoff so we were able to return to spend the time at my family’s home instead of camped out at an airport.  That lost week made for a very hectic return, catching up on dozens of chores before heading off to the airport again for a 5 day business/pleasure trip (business for hubby, pleasure for me!).  I’m beginning to think God is telling me I should not be trying to go to work – heavy snows again in the northeast almost had us trapped in Texas.  Fortunately we were able to get home on schedule – especially fortunate in that our furnace had malfunctioned and it was 39 degrees F. in the house when we returned.  Had we been away any longer we would have surely faced some frozen and possibly burst water pipes.  I’m very thankful for our wonderful, reliable oil company that had a repairman at the house within an hour (late at night too) and we were back in service right away.

So now you know the reasons for my lack of postings – I hope the rest of the year is not so hectic and distracting!  I decided to start of my postings with this shot I took of my yummy room service lunch I ordered when we arrived at the resort in Texas – chicken quesadillas.  The presentation was so lovely I just had to grab my camera and just thinking back on room service makes me long for luxurious surroundings and relaxation again.  (Did I mention that hubby has been down with the flu for the past 3 days on top of it all?)

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