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I really like the look of aged, layered, peeling paint.  This was on the side of an old wooden boat hull.


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I think my friend needs to trim her toenails!

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The Hydrangea bushes are among my favorites in my garden, especially when they first start blooming and you have the mix of colors with the rich purple and blue hues of the more mature flowers against the shades of green found in the younger blossoms.

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My friend Frank turned 50 this week.  Frank LOVES Hot Dogs (and yes, that’s his real name – fits perfectly, doesn’t it?).  Of course his party tonight was a Hot Dog theme – hot dog cart, hot dog decorations and cake and helium filled hot dog balloons.  The kids decided at some point in the evening that a few of the hot dog balloons needed to be released with a note in celebration Frank’s milestone birthday.  Here they are as they sailed away into the sky.

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I decided to post this shot and call it Microstock because I recently decided to try my hand at joining some of the Microstock sites to see if I could sell any of my photos.  I decided to try my hand at setting up a few shots including this one.  Not entirely happy with this shot so I plan to try and improve on it this weekend.  It’s been an interesting experience so far.  Istockphoto – one photo accepted, two more to go before I can join and start selling; Shutterstock – Accepted – first attempt!!!  (funny thing is, they rejected the one shot accepted at istockphoto).  Fotolia, two shots accepted – rejected several that had been accepted by Shutterstock.  Dreamstime, photos in the que, waiting for a response.  Sold my first 3 photos this week on Shutterstock – $2.38 total sales so far – LOL – not retiring any time soon, but it’s more than I made with them sitting on my hard drive.

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Watch your step – especially that last one!

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This is more what I had in mind with yesterday’s shot.  A little bit of effort and I was able to grab the seaside ambiance while leaving out the garbage seen in yesterday’s shot.  Just goes to show that a little effort in the field and you can find  the right angle to take the shot.  I’m wondering what these cages are for, with the wide slats.  They don’t look like lobster traps I’ve seen, and the crab traps I’m used to seeing look different too.  Anyone know what these are waiting to catch?

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