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I started skiing when I was very young, and continued regularly up through high school and into college, but once I moved to NYC I didn’t have (or make) the time to head out to the slopes.  Now my young nieces are learning to ski and I’ve been hearing the stories.  Unfortunately they don’t live nearby so I don’t have the opportunity to join them easily, but I’m starting to really wish I could.  When I ran across these old pins I collected, and the bronze racing medals I’d won, I decided to search out some old photos of my skiing days for today’s photo.  Top to bottom – skiing in our backyard with my brother, the glacier at Tony Sailer summer ski camp at Whistler Mountain, BC (my brother and I spent 3 summers there learning freestyle skiing during it’s early days – arials, bumps and ballet), and a trip to Vail / Copper Mt., CO with some friends from NYC – we climbed to the top of the mountain for some skiing on the double black diamond run (an exhausting climb!).  It might just be time to pull out the gear and meet up with my brother and my nieces for some skiing next year.


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OK – you’re wondering, what does a salad have to do with the theme “Goal”… well, it represents my weight loss goal.  I’ve been pretty good about sticking to my goal of eating a low-calorie, healthy breakfast and lunch.  I’ve lost 20 lbs. since early September (25 if you count the 5 I gained back at Christmas, and lost again).  My goal is to lose another 20 – 25 lbs by Memorial Day.  If I keep sticking to my routine of making my lunch to take to work during the day, sticking to my salads, I might just make it!

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Who would think there are so many shades and variations of “White” paint.  Tinted with a hint of yellow or tan, grey or green, pink or blue.  I have to pick the paint for the bedroom walls, bathroom walls, wood trim and doors and I must have a hundred or more samples of tans and whites with various tints.  Now the job of narrowing them down….

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These are the tiles for our master bathroom renovation – sort of…  Someone had offered me the creamy white wall tiles only to find out they had been stolen from the storage warehouse after I’d purchased everything else, so I’m searching for a substitute.  The small glass tiles will be a border between the creamy wall tiles and the limestone chair rail.  The wood is a sample of our vanity and they are all sitting on a sample of the floor tile.  It’s starting to come together and I’m getting excited to see my vision come to life.

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I’ve had this packed away for awhile because I lacked a good place to safely display it, but I unpacked it to take the photo and I was reminded of how much I really like this hand-painted fishing lure.  The colors and pattern are just captivating to me.  Somewhere in the midwest is a folk artist that probably painted this lure for practical fishing purposes, never dreaming it would make it’s way to a gallery in NYC and then into my home to be displayed as a work of art.

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Sassy was visiting again on the 25th and she’s always a good candidate for a photo session.  We got her to pose outside to take advantage of the great natural light, out of direct sunlight to avoid shadows, and she cooperated nicely by giving me this great tilt of the head.

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The byproducts of construction left by our contractor and his crew.  Searching the backyard for today’s photo I ran across this interesting juxtaposition of trash.  I couldn’t help but notice how the colors and curves of the knotted paper strips were mimicked in the colors and curves of the illustration on the coffee cup.

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