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Do you supposed someone was optimistically thinking a good oil change would get this baby up and running again?


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Plymouth Grill

I’m such a sucker for rust, old paint and patina on metal.  It’s a good thing this vehicle was parked, otherwise the next image would have been the tire running over me and the camera.

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I’ve been distracted lately with another project, but tonight I decided I needed to make myself shoot an image for the blog, to keep my head in the game.  So out to the yard to find a few of the last drying hydrangea and a few seed pods to set up a still life.  My first attempt yielded some rather lackluster images, so I decided to add a bit of hand-crocheted lace to add some texture to the open space.  I think this one works a lot better.  I’m learning a lot from my microstock endeavors, like leaving open space (creates an area for designers to add text) and getting sharper images (using my tripod, remote shutter release, and mirror lock up).

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Dozens of farm stands, corn mazes and pick-your-own orchards and farms are scattered along the north fork among the wineries.  Unfortunately it’s hidden charm is no longer hidden and this time of year it’s almost overrun with folks heading out to pick pumpkins and enjoy the region.  Traffic is becoming overwhelming as the “Mum-Hunters” (as the locals call them) descend on the area.

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Last weekend we headed out east to the wineries and stopped at a favorite cheese shop to enjoy the wine and a tasty cheese fondue.  I made a point of toasting to Tammy’s birthday, enjoying an extra glass of wine just for her!

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