The light was definately not at it’s best on the day of our photowalk.  This grey water tower captured the mood.  It turned out to be a good example of the rule of thirds too with the main elements lining up with the lower third and right third of the image.


Window(s) (48/365)

The theme was singular, but the repeat pattern of the multiple windows overlooking a dreary fire escape and dim alleyway seemed to capture the theme in multiples just right for me.

Garden (47/365)

I love the chaotic busy elements of this image, from the choppy out of focus background to the little seed-like grasses in the upper left as they frame the wilting flowers.

Fasteners (46/365)

Fascinated by fasteners – the heavy steel rivets and girders are essential to hold up the structure.

I had a rather wet opportunity to participate in Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photowalk on a rainy day last month.  Over the next several days I’ll share a number of photos I took along the NYC Highline.  The Highline is a park and walking trail that has been created along the old elevated train tracks on the lower west side of the city.  The bold colors of the buildings on the left contrasted with the geometric elements of the grey building caught my eye on the grey overcast day.

Yeah, that’s yellow for sure…


Pipes (43/365)

Simple and functional pipes on an old steam engine.